Gardens and Landscaping

The art of living outside



Our team is at your service for the maintenance of your gardens. We can propose an all inclusive service contract that guarantees you a complete and efficient landscaping service throughout the seasons.

Our services include:
-The extensive spring cleaning
-Fertilization of the grounds
-Redefining the edges of the flowerbeds
-Trimming of your trees, shrubs and bushes
-Annual flower plantation
-Weeding and hoeing of your flowerbeds
-Weed control
-Lawn mowing with border trimming
-Visual control of the overall health of your plants
-Parasitic and disease control
-Autumn leaf pickup
-Wintering of plants with installation of protections
-Experienced and knowledgeable advice in horticulture

At Gesco Habitat Conseil, a Montreal condominium managing company, we have been working with Sylvia Jean from ‘’du Vert au Rouge’’ for several years in various buildings and in particularly at the Solano. We don’t hesitate to recommend this landscaper who has at heart her work as an horticulturist and who cares to satisfy her customers with competent staff. (Jean Pierre Noé, Gesco Habitat Conseil Inc.)

Creation and plantation

We have the ideas and expertise to bring your projects to life.

The customer will always remain at the heart of our commitments because it is they who will evolve in their own garden. Inspired by nature, we make every effort to make our clients feel comfortable in their outdoor living space.

We propose:
-A landscaping plan
-Planting of perennials and shrube
-Installation of plain paving stone an
-Creation of low walls
-Installation of turf grass
-The creation of a water basin
-Installation of irrigation systems
-Illumination of your garden



This is our 3rd year with “Du Vert Au Rouge”. They are punctual and very effective. At the beginning of the season, they make their recommendations and we agree on the projects to work on. Their work is carefully done. I recommend them without any hesitation. (Nicolas Cianfaglia, Condo Action)

Sylvia Jean

Sylvia Jean

Directrice - Horticulture

Consulting on site

We can visit your garden to fully understand your expectations, give you advice and answer all your questions:

-We can analyze the state of your garden
-We can help you make choices for your annual or perennial plants
-We can diagnose the overall health of your lawn and plants
-We can give advices on trimming
-We can plan minor works or re-locate plants

The environment at the heart of our vision

For sustainable management of your green spaces, we offer you environmentally friendly alternatives.

-The maintenance of the biodiversity of the gardens
-The selection of native plants
-Use of organic fertilizers
-Ecological maintenance of lawns
-The use of sustainable materials and local products
-Responsible water management
-Installation of on-site composters